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How to use static variable in java


0 replies - 41 views - 11/25/14 by Pradeep Yadav in Uncategorized

Man, Woman, Dog: A Task from the Past

Introduction This article is a personal reflection more than some kind of tutorial or how-to article--which I have mostly written in the past. It describes...

0 replies - 5907 views - 11/10/14 by Kosta Stojanovski in Articles

Reading emails from MS Exchange by consumig EWS using Java.

While enabling my application with MS Exchange, I end up writing this code. I used EWS Java API (EWSJavaAPI_1.2.jar) ( The JAR I uploaded with this...

0 replies - 577 views - 11/03/14 by Shantanu Sikdar in Uncategorized

Finding Neighbours in Game of Life.

This method I started writing by considering that every cell of the GOL board will have an id.In a 2 dimensional board I considered every cell has an id,...

0 replies - 1429 views - 10/27/14 by Shantanu Sikdar in Uncategorized

Understanding Information Retrieval by Using Apache Lucene and Tika - Part 3

Lesson 4: Highlight fragments where searched phrase was foundA word or phrase search has two goals: to discover in which document it can be found, but to...

0 replies - 3556 views - 10/24/14 by Ana-maria Mihalceanu in Articles

Understanding Information Retrieval by Using Apache Lucene and Tika - Part 1

IntroductionIn this tutorial, the Apache Lucene and Apache Tika frameworks will  be explained through their core concepts (e.g.  parsing,...

0 replies - 3155 views - 10/21/14 by Ana-maria Mihalceanu in Articles

How to draw a Control flow graph & Cyclometric complexity for a given procedure

Cyclomatic Complexity  Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to measure the complexity of a program. This metric measures independent...

0 replies - 3040 views - 10/13/14 by Pubudu Dissanayake in Articles

Beyond JSON: Introducing the Spearal Serialization Protocol

Spearal is a new, open-source, serialization protocol that aims to provide a drop-in replacement of JSON in - as a first step - HTML and native mobile...

17 replies - 26364 views - 10/05/14 by Franck Wolff in Articles

Simple SecurePasswordVault in Java

There are some instances when you want to store your passwords in files to be used by programs or scripts. But storing your passwords in plain text is not a...

1 replies - 7122 views - 10/05/14 by Jayanga Dissanayake in Articles

A new way of extracting values in AssertJ collections assertions

We've been using AssertJ  in Young Digital Planet in several Java projects already and we love it. It makes our tests much easier to...

0 replies - 6004 views - 09/16/14 by Mateusz Haligowski in Articles

Alternative Logging Frameworks for Application Servers: WebLogic

Introduction Welcome to the second in the blog series of using alternative logging frameworks with application servers. This entry will focus on...

0 replies - 5303 views - 09/12/14 by Andrew Pielage in Articles

Geek Reading September 5, 2014

I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy...

0 replies - 6483 views - 09/06/14 by Robert Diana in Articles

Hibernate Debugging - Finding the origin of a Query

It's not always immediate why and in which part of the program is Hibernate generating a given SQL query, especially if we are dealing with code that we did...

0 replies - 9078 views - 05/08/14 by Aleksey Novik in Articles

An intro so Groovy/Spock testing, why you should consider it

As a developer, testing is very important. Some developers have the mindset of “Meh, I write code, testing is a QAs job”, which is pretty poor. It’s much...

0 replies - 6663 views - 04/25/14 by James Elsey in Articles

The Dark Side Of Lambda Expressions in Java 8

This post may not make me any new friends. Oh well, I was never really popular at school anyway. But let’s get to the point. Java 8’s biggest feature...

3 replies - 10662 views - 03/26/14 by Chen Harel in Articles

Brief comparison of BDD frameworks

Introduction Some time ago my team was asked to create up to date documentation of our projects. First we thought about Wiki page, it's far batter...

5 replies - 17393 views - 02/24/14 by Sebastian Laskawiec in Articles

Listing schema,table,column names in java using mysql db

0 replies - 5252 views - 01/17/14 by Benoy Prakash in Uncategorized

Spring @Async and transaction management

Introduction There are cases in which it is necessary to execute pieces of code asynchronous. An example is the sending of a (JMS) message from your system to...

2 replies - 19663 views - 01/16/14 by Jethro Borsje in Articles

get current web application path in java

This is a code snippet to retrieve the path of the current running web application project in java

0 replies - 9010 views - 12/04/13 by Partheeban Thirumal in Uncategorized

Handling Keyboard Sortcuts in JavaFx

A lot of times you need to to assign some functionality to some keyboard shortcut like F5 or Ctrl+R  in your application. JavaFx also provides...

0 replies - 10840 views - 06/27/13 by Neil Ghosh in Uncategorized