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Lukas Eder04/05/14
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MySQL Bad Idea #666

MySQL… We’ve blogged about MySQL before. Many times. We’ve shown quite a few bad ideas implemented in MySQL. But this beats everything.

Johanna Rothman04/04/14
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Who Solves Which Problems?

When someone else tells you what a standard for your work has to be? How does that feel to you?

Konrad Garus04/04/14
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Be Careful With Native SQL in Hibernate

The author really likes Hibernate, but also doesn’t know a tool that is nearly as powerful and deceptive at the same time. I could write a book on surprises in production and cargo cult programming related to Hibernate alone. It’s more of an issue with the users than with the tool, but let’s not get too ranty.

Tom Howlett04/04/14
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A Creative System of Work

Let those people creating the software, create the system of creation too.

Greg Duncan04/03/14
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Six Videos To Help You Upgrade your Inner DBA to SQL Server 2014'ness

In this post, you'll find a collection of resources to help you get up to speed with SQL Server 2014, as well as some to provide an overview of new features and enhancements.

Mpumelelo Msimanga04/03/14
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How to Pivot Data in SQL

Most pivoting of data is done outside of relational databases. Relational databases are rigid, and the variable number of columns in a pivot table do not go hand in hand with the rigid structures defined in relational databases. However, pivoting in SQL can sometimes be very useful.

George Dinwiddie04/03/14
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Setting Expectations

What if we were able to set expectations beyond a simple number? What if we could say what we know and what we don’t know? What if we could give our best estimate now, and give a better one next week when we know more? Would that help?

Chris Odell04/03/14
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The Perils Of A Polished Prototype

Protoypes are good. Well I think so. They give you a better idea of how an application should hang together, where the abstractions are, where there are opportunities for refactoring and re-use. But are there downsides? The classic one is that a prototype sometimes becomes the production code.

Scott Westfall04/03/14
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Are You Hiring for the Right Abilities?

What I’m saying is that for candidates with similar extrinsic abilities, their intrinsic abilities will make a much bigger difference in their performance. Don’t overlook a possible standout performer because their extrinsic abilities aren’t a great match.

Lukas Eder04/03/14
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A Better Query Language than SQL

Leland Richardson, Founder of Tech.Pro has recently published a very interesting article about BQL, his visions of a better query language (than SQL). The deciding feat of his new language proposal is the fact that it is really a superset of SQL itself.

Alec Noller04/02/14
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Dev of the Week: Nicolas Frankel

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Nicolas Frankel, IT consultant with 10 years experience in Java and JEE environments.

Lukas Eder04/02/14
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The Power of Spreadsheets in a Reactive, RESTful API

The author has recently been deceived by his own Dilbertesque attitude when he stumbled upon a buzzword-filled article about Espresso Logic. But the actual product that claims to implement “reactive programming” through a REST and JSON API is frankly impressed by the ideas behind this product.

Mike Hadlow04/02/14
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Docker: Bulk Remove Images and Containers

I’ve been playing around creating new images and containers and debugging my Dockerfile, and I’ve wound up with lots of temporary containers and images. It’s really tedious repeatedly running ‘docker rm’ and ‘docker rmi’, so I’ve knocked up a couple of bash commands to bulk delete images and containers.

jb j04/01/14
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Manage WordPress comments using SQL

Although WordPress have an effective built-in comment management interface, for several tasks like deleting bulk comments it is way easier and quicker to use SQL. In this article, the author is going to show you some super useful SQL queries to manage your WordPress comments more easily.

Jim Highsmith04/01/14
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Don't "Control" Agile Projects

One common complaint about agile methods is that management doesn’t have the same degree of “control” over projects. We need to stop worrying about this complaint as a vice and start thinking of it as a virtue.