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Nathan Slippen05/21/14
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Five Qualities of a Remarkable Agile Team

All managers want employees with excellent development and organizational skills, but when forming an Agile team, talent alone won’t cut it.

Mike Cottmeyer05/21/14
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Self-Improvement In Agile Teams

It can be an underlying reason individuals at the team level are resistant to an agile adoption. There are a number of ways to “solve” this problem.

Val Huber05/21/14
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Mobilize and Restify your SQL Data

Full-featured back-office Mobile apps in minutes, with RESTful APIs for front-office apps. Declarative logic and security - simple and powerful as a spreadsheet. JavaScript for complex logic and integration. Here’s two new technologies that make it possible.

Gil Zilberfeld05/20/14
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What If I Do This?

Good testers have the wonderful skill of asking “What if I do this”? This thinking is different than “happy path” coding, where we “know” the answer. People with experience in TDD develop this skill as well.

Bozhidar Bozhanov05/20/14
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Algorithmic Music Influenced by Tweets

I wanted to get some experience with basic natural language processing, so I decided to analyze the latest 200 tweets of the user, and perform the following analysis, which in turn influences the music that the user gets:

Puneet Monga05/20/14
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Binary Tree: Preorder Traversal without Recursion

I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to try implementing Binary Tree traversal techniques without recursion. Below is the implementation of Preorder Traversal without recursion. I have used a queue in order to implement the pre-order traversal without recursion. Since it's a pre-order traversal, we need to visit root, then left and then right subtree.

Alec Noller05/20/14
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Poll Results: What Databases do Hacker News Readers Use?

Recently, Hacker News user roryhughes ran a poll asking what database Hacker News readers (or their companies) use. While the sample size may not be the largest, and "Hacker News readers" is probably not a perfect cross-section of the development world, it's an interesting look at what people are actually using.

Seth Proctor05/20/14
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Linux Transparent Huge Pages, JEMalloc and NuoDB

With our latest release cycle, we faced a problem that impacted extremely load-intensive long running (multi-day) tests. The symptom was a slow but steady increase in Resident Set Size (RSS) that impacted both our Transaction Engines (TEs) and Storage Managers (SMs).

Joydeep Das05/20/14
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Some Common Queries Related to Filtered Index

The Filtered Index was introduced in MS SQL Server 2008. In this article, we are not directly discussing the Filtered Index, but solving some common queries related to the Filtered Index.

Allan Kelly05/19/14
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False Projects

False projects occur when we use the word “project” for work which is not really a project. Some might think I’m playing word games here but I think its important, I think we need to be clear about our terms. Please, hear me out.

Lorna Mitchell05/19/14
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PHP 5.6 Benchmarks

A while ago I did some benchmarks on how different versions of PHP perform in comparison to one another. Recently I ran it again for versions PHP 5.3 through PHP 5.6 and I thought I'd share my results:

Rob J Hyndman05/19/14
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To explain or predict?

Last week, my research group discussed Galit Shmueli’s paper “To explain or to predict?” This is a paper everyone doing statistics and econometrics should read as it helps to clarify a distinction that is often blurred.

Peter Zaitsev05/19/14
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High Availability with MySQL Fabric: Part I

Today, the author will review MySQL Fabric’s HA concepts, and then walk you through the setup of a 3-node cluster with one Primary and two Secondaries, doing a few basic tests with it.

Lukas Eder05/18/14
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SQL Server Trick: Circumvent Missing ORDER BY Clause

SQL Server is known to have a very strict interpretation of the SQL standard. In this article, the author discusses a number of ways to handle ORDER BY clauses in SQL Server

Alec Noller05/18/14
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The Best of the Week (May 9): SQL Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the SQL Zone. This week's best include the truth behind the "SELECT * is bad" myth, the results of Markus Winand's SQL performance quiz (60% fail, it turns out), Oracle's tricky index system, and more.