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David Winterbottom06/19/14
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Continuously rebuild your project

New developers joining a project will often find that the project won't build cleanly on their machine, and hours of time will be sunk into setting up the project so work can start. Counter this by using continuous integration to build your project from scratch.

Mike Bushong06/19/14
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How networking's "per port" discussion will change over the next 3 years

When people talk about pricing and switch sizes today, answers are usually framed up in some derivative of the per-port discussion

Brian Pugh06/19/14
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Performant Database Access with Relate

To fulfill increased performance needs, Lucid developed Relate, their own data access layer. They set out to create an easy-to-use API that maintained the inherent speed of JDBC. As such, Relate is a thin layer over JDBC, abstracting away the pain of developing with JDBC, but minimizing performance overhead.

Chris Odell06/18/14
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Agile Decompiled: Pair Programming

Like many agile practices my personal opinion is that pair programming should be seen as another tool in your coding toolbox. When a hammer is the appropriate tool to use, use it.

Alec Noller06/18/14
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ObjectiveSync: A Thin Java Object Persistence Layer for JDBC

If you're looking for a Java object persistence layer for JDBC and an alternative to some of your usual tools - I'm looking at you, Hibernate - you might be interested in ObjectiveSync.

Luis Aguilar06/18/14
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How to Declare Modules in Node.js

One of those aspects of Node.js that took me a while to fully understand initially is how to properly declare modules.

Moshe Kaplan06/17/14
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Auto Scaling your Workers based on Queue Length

Having an image or video processing engine? Having a web crawling solution? Doing OCR on media? If so, this post is probably for you.

Mike Bushong06/17/14
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IT resellers: Disruptive or Disrupted?

When good enough becomes better than enough, the key purchasing criteria shift from performance and features to price and convenience. This is a huge part of why there is so much energy around merchant silicon and white box.

Peter Zaitsev06/17/14
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Tips on Benchmarking Go + MySQL

After some disappointment in the performance of earlier versions of Go, the author has taken another look (as a new version of percona-agent is written in Go). In this article, he covers Go, Go with MySQL, and some performance topics.

Anders Karlsson06/17/14
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MyQuery 3.5.5 Released

I have just released version 3.5.5 of MyQuery, which is a minor feature, cleanup and bugfix release. If you don't know MyQuery since before, this is an Open-Source Windows based MySQL and MariaDB ad-hoc query tool.

Zemian Deng06/16/14
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How to Export and Import MySQL Databases

You can export a MySQL database with schema table definitions and data separated. Here is a simple bash shell script that will export an database.

Benjamin Ball06/16/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (June 16)

This research update includes Docker support for Stackato and Google Cloud, lower prices for Clever Cloud, improved performance for cloudControl from hardware improvements, Chef 10 and data bags for Engine Yard, open source HTTP API toolchain from Heroku, Jelastic V2.2 with Ruby support, and more.

Andy Hawthorne06/16/14
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Coding Can Make You Fat

Writing code for a living can make you fat. That’s because coders work long hours behind a computer and don’t have much time for exercise. Here’s what you can do about it.

Alec Noller06/16/14
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How to Build Schema-Free & Scalable NoSQL Data Storage Inside Your RDBMS

If you're a SQL developer looking to reap some of the benefits of NoSQL solutions, or a NoSQL developer interested in some of the more mature features of an RDBMS, you might be interested in this talk from Andrew Geweke on how combine the strengths of NoSQL and RDBMS within a single database.

Alec Noller06/16/14
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25 Features You're Missing if You Don't Use PostgreSQL

What's so great about PostgreSQL? You can crunch a bunch of NBA data with it, of course, but if you're looking for more explanation than that, Sameer Kumar has an answer for you. Twenty-five answers, really.