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Daily Dose - Mozilla Jetpack Becomes 'Add-On SDK' - Reaches 1.0 Beta

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The Mozilla Jetpack project, which is now changing its name, has reached version 1.0 Beta 1.  Its current APIs are quite stable and more will be implemented in the coming months.  Mozilla engineer Daniel Buchner has created a chart comparing Firefox, Safari, and Chrome add-on API coverage of browser functions.

Jackrabbit Fixed Up
Apache Jackrabbit, a content repository for Java, just reached version 2.1.3, which is primarily a bugfix release.  The release fixes a deadlock in DefaultISMLocking as well as some problems in FineGrainedISMLocking.  2.1.3 also added the ability to allow whitespaces in base64 encoded binary fields of XML.

Second Milestone for Spring Mobile 1.0
More features have been injected into Spring Mobile with the second milestone release of version 1.0.  1.0 will be the first public release of this Spring MVC extension which facilitates the development of cross-platform mobile applications.  M2's major new feature is the "site switcher," which switches mobile users to your mobile site by default.

Qooxdoo 1.3 Voodoo
The next major version of the open source Ajax GUI framework, qooxdoo, has been released.  The new 1.3 release includes a new virtual List widget for visualizing large data sets and an experimental test runner with an HTML-only interface.  There are also a number of bugfixes, new widgets, automated GUI testing based on Selenium, and support for touch-enabled devices.

Best 5 MYSQL GUI tools
The blogger's choices include Workbench, Sequel Bro, and HeidiSQL.  I personally like NaviCat.  Aaronbak Das  provided this link for us.
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Chad Retz replied on Mon, 2010/12/13 - 1:20pm

Anyone that likes Qooxdoo and GWT would be remiss to ignore QxWT. It's awesome, but not very popular (in large part due to the author's stubbornness to not use a standard OSS project site IMO).

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