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Daily Dose - Spring Roo 1.1 and Supporting Tools Launch

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The GA releases of Spring Roo 1.1, GWT 2.1, STS 2.5, and new AspectJ and AJDT versions have been launched this week after many months of synchronized development releases.  Spring Roo 1.1 and GWT 2.1 now offer more integrated feature sets and better deployment onto Google App Engine.  Spring Roo 1.1's main new features include Spring MVC enhancements, incremental database reverse engineering, and JSON support.

Oracle Threatens to Subpoena HP's New CEO
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was surprised that HP picked up Leo Apotheker, the CEO that was banished from SAP, after Oracle nabbed Mark Hurd from HP.  A trial starts on Monday from a case that began in 2007 when Oracle accused a SAP subsidiary of stealing software secrets.  Since HP's headquarters are within the court's jurisdiction, Ellison says that HP better keep Apotheker far away from the area until the trial is over, otherwise he'll be subpoenaed.

Sencha Animator: A CSS3 Alternative to Flash?
Sencha announced a preview release of a new GUI-based desktop app that works like Adobe's Flash animation editing software.  The big difference is that it generates CSS3 animations code instead of ActionScript.  This is similar to the "Edge" prototype that Adobe previewed at MAX this week.

KDevelop 4.1 Gets Git
The KDeveloper IDE for C++ and PHP reached version 4.1 recently.  The new version can publish changes via email, reviewboard, or pastebin.  The major new feature is native support for Git.  It already has SVN and CVS integration.

How to identify programmer's personality by their Keyboard moves!
A humorous unscientific study about developer keyboard habits.  Posted by Faisal Feroz.
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