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Alec Noller04/23/14
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Dev of the Week: Eric Schabell

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Eric Schabell, JBoss Technology Evangelist for Red Hat and guest lecturer.

Paul Underwood04/23/14
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Update Row With Highest ID In MySQL

Recently, the author needed to update the last inserted row of a table but didn't have any way of knowing what the highest ID in the table was. He can easily do this by using the max() function to select the highest ID in the table.

Anders Abel04/23/14
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Git Branch Clean-up Adventures

Git is magic, but sometimes it drives my crazy with all that power causing strange situations and clean-up work. The magic of git is that it is (nearly?) always possible to clean up the mess and get back to a good state.

Alexander Beletsky04/23/14
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Integration or Unit Tests Trade-Off

Sometimes, you just want to run patch against database or change the infrastructure of product.

Joydeep Das04/23/14
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Fixing the Fragmentation of HEAPS

The author not recommend any kind of Heap table in database. Why do we do it? But when you have no option for a primary key we can use the surrogate key. The problem is when a Heap table is highly fragmented.

Trisha Gee04/22/14
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Career Advice for Programmers

I have a tendency to bang on every now and again about how we, as developers, could do better in managing our careers.

Peter Zaitsev04/22/14
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Creating GEO-Enabled Applications with MySQL 5.6

In the author's previous post, he showed some new MySQL 5.6 features which can be very helpful when creating geo-enabled applications. In this post he will show how we can obtain open-source GIS data, convert it to MySQL, and use it in our GEO-enabled applications.

Matt Farina04/22/14
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Building Cloud Agnostic Applications

Vendor lock-in can be a pain. Imagine you've written an application to work against one cloud provider and now you'd like to migrate to another one.

Craig Matsumoto04/22/14
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Big Switch Networks Has a Sales VP Again

At this rate, we should just set up a weekly “Big Switch Executive Hires” roundup.

Raymond Camden04/22/14
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Article: HTML out of the Browser

Very happy to announce the first publication of an article of mine on the Mozilla Hacks blog. This article is a bit of a departure for me.

Lisa Schultz04/21/14
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In-Memory Real-Time Analytics, Done Right

There is a lot of hype about in-memory computing and in-memory real-time analytics. SAP HANA has used savvy marketing and experimental projects to create a storm of interest. Now, everyone wants in. Let’s walk through what you need to consider when deciding if you need in-memory computing.

Tim Millwood04/21/14
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Definition of done

It is often tempting to mark something as done when it's not quite done. However this sets the wrong expectation with the client, and also confuses development. Wait until all criteria has been met, every last bit.

Vlad Mihalcea04/21/14
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The Anatomy of Connection Pooling

All projects the author has been working on have used database connection pooling, and that’s for very good reasons. Sometimes we might forget why we are employing one design pattern or a particular technology, so it’s worth stepping back and reason on it.

Lukas Eder04/21/14
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How Can I Do This? – With SQL, of Course!

Haven’t we all been wondering: "How can I do this? I have these data in Excel and I want to group / sort / assign / combine..." While you could probably pull up a Visual Basic script doing the work or export the data to Java or any other procedural language of your choice, why not just use SQL?

Amar Mattey04/21/14
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Writing effective custom queries in Hibernate

There are many instances where we will have to write custom queries with hibernate.